Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today was Annabelle's second day of preschool and she loved it!! She couldn't wait to get out the door this morning. Yesterday she was copy helper and today she was the snack helper. I got a note from her teacher saying that she was so excited about everything she got to do in class. Today the note said that she was interacting very well and trying to say a lot of words.  . . . . and of course, she loves to ride the bus. . Yes, my three year old rides the bus! *scary*

Annabelle has been doing really well. A couple of months ago, we were having a bad 5 days. Annabelle had been refusing to eat anything.  Dad arrived here on the weekend to be with the Wapato church and saw how distressed we (her and I) were. He prayed for her in the kitchen, then surprised me by having everyone pray for her at church. He prayed specifically about her appetite.

Well, ever since then, not only has she constantly been tearing through the kitchen looking for more food, but she has been sleeping in her own bed almost every night. I still check on her every morning to see if she is still breathing. I couldn't believe it! The doctors were starting to wonder if she still had a problem with reflux, because she would wake-up every night about 2am, crying.. . The crying would usually continue in our bed. She still does this once in a while, but not every night.

We are really excited for her doctor's appointment Monday. She will finally get to see a DAN doctor. These doctors focus on treating children with developmental issues in a naturalistic way.  He was recommended to us by a woman here in town, whose son is fully recovered from autism. He is 8 and writes his own blog.  Before they put him on the GFCF diet and several supplements, he did not make eye contact or notice anyone in the room. He also did not speak. She said that they believe God healed their son by showing them what to do and leading them to the right people. Anyway, autism or not, we are still really excited to finally see him. Typically when you take your child to the doctor, they only see the doctor for about 5 minutes, so you never feel like they really have an accurate picture of your child. DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors spend a total of two hours with your child!

We are so thankful that Annabelle is surrounded by people who love and care for her. Caleb and I were just discussing today, how she has an amazing family and two churches that love her to death. She is such a happy child. That girl has some spunk in her! She is so bossy and I love it! Caleb said she gets it from me. I am so glad she comes from a family that knows how to love. We may be crazy at times, but we sure do know how to love. When taking a parenting class, Caleb and I were told that we should light up every time our children enter the room. . that they will take notice of it. . I thought, you know what? Thats what my parents have always done with us, and they do it 100 times more for my children. I am so thankful my children have that. If they seem a little on the spoiled side, its because they are. In every family gathering they are our little entertainers. . they are front and center. . there is nothing like the love of children. . I can't wait for them to have more cousins, because things are gonna get even more exciting around here.

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Kaylee Johnstone- Anna's Favorite Aunt said...

Oh how we love Annabelle. And Callum. And Laurin. And Caleb!
Flowers Fans Forever. =D
So glad that she is eating and sleeping through the night. I can't believe she's in pre-school.
She will always be my little Anna-Banana!